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44 Speech Sounds

For Teachers

Learning Goals

Our aim is to help teachers become more intentional in their articulation and pronunciation of words as they role model for the children and aid in their understanding of the sound-letter associations in the English Language. 


To learn and apply the 44 speech sounds 


To understand and represent the 44 speech sounds with letter or letter combinations


To learn and apply blending and segmenting skills 


Teachers will learn to identify and interpret developmental stages of reading and writing in their class children using real classroom examples. 

Prepared by Serena Park
MSc in Early Childhood Education 
Dip. in Montessori Education 
Cert. in Orton Gillingham Approach 

Process: Learning by Doing

Each teacher will be using 44 speech sound boxes, mirror, key word mat, print on packaging (provided) and objects found in the classroom to aid in understanding, recall and application.

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Workshop Structure

Process: Step By Step Building of Foundational Understanding 

Basic Speech Sounds

1.1) Key words associated with 23 basic speech sounds 

1.2) Application

  • Hearing the 23 sounds in spoken words 

  • Word building with the 23 speech sounds 

  • Invented spelling attempts by children  (how it looks like and how you can support learning) 

  • Blending skills 

Advanced Speech Sounds

2.1) Key words associated with 21 advanced speech sounds 

2.2) Application: 

  • Hearing the 21 sounds in spoken words 

  • Word building with 44 speech sounds 

  • Invented spelling attempts by children  (how it looks like and how you can support learning) 

  • Blending skills  


3.1) What are graphemes? 

3.2) Application: 

  • Children’s invented spelling 

  • Adult / grown-up spelling 

 4.1) Practice

4.2) Common errors ​


Interpreting Literacy Skills

5.1) 3– Period Lesson: stages of understanding and applying
5.2) Progression observed in class 






Total: 6 Hours

Workshop Fee

Included in our fees:

  • One set of 44 speech sounds (for centre) if more than 5 participants 

  • Grapheme key words mat (for each teacher) 

  • 44 speech sounds and graph

  • Curated wordlist (for each teacher) 

  • Summary for interpreting development and progress seen in the classroom in children's skills 

Cost per Teacher: $300


  • Teacher’s submission of sample recordings to ensure practice (2 submissions of 10-15 min video) 

  •  Each submission will be followed-up with a 30 min zoom feedback session with 2-3 teachers in each session 

Process: Building Habits

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