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About MAPS

There are many perspectives in Singapore among preschool educators, parents and the primary school system about the best way children can develop competencies in language and literacy. MAPS would like to start a movement that puts children’s voices at the heart of enhancing their motivation to make sense of print. Not through drills and rote learning. So, how can we do this?

With over 20-years’ experience teaching children and early childhood educators, MAPS has gathered deeper understanding about how teachers and parents can learn about the 44 speech sounds to support our children’s journey into the world of print! The 44 sounds are the building blocks of the English language and our familiarity with it will enable us to use the knowledge effectively, each time we associate a spoken word to its written form.


At MAPS, we envision a world where every child’s voice is heard, celebrated, and empowered. A world where literacy is a gateway to endless opportunities, sparking curiosity and igniting the flames of imagination. Together, we strive to create a future where every child discovers the transformative power of words, unlocking their full potential and shaping a better tomorrow. 


We're all about placing children at the heart of their own literary journey. We're on a quest to ignite their motivation, boost their confidence, and nurture a lifelong love for reading and writing. Through our innovative programs and a community that supports them every step of the way, we empower young minds to dive headfirst into the enchanting realm of the written word. Together, we're shaping a generation of passionate learners and critical thinkers.

Meet the Team

Meet the wonderful team of 2 behind MAPS, Explore and Read.

"We are two passionate early childhood educators, Serena and Petrina, who have set up MAPS Explore and Read to advocate for the Science of Reading to empower teachers, parents and children. We have witnessed how using the correct scientific knowledge of how children learn to read and write, bring about consistent and long-lasting effects in children of various phases of reading readiness."  - Serena & Petrina

Serena Park
Course Creator / Instructor

Having taught with the Montessori Approach, Letterland, Jolly Phonics, Orton Gillingham Approach, I have culminated over 20 years of teaching in classrooms and training teachers with a search for the latest research to empower our early childhood sector in Singapore. The Science of Reading is the missing piece of research that is missing in our teachers’ training that should become a foundation for teaching and learning how to make sense of the English print. I am dedicated to spreading this knowledge and practice through MAPS Explore and Read. 

petrina photo.jpg
Petrina Chia

In my classrooms, I have made theories come alive in the practices that I have implemented. Having helped children who struggle with reading and writing, I have equipped myself with the Science of Reading to bring about long-lasting foundations in brain development that takes the guesswork out of the process of learning to read and write. It is a teacher’s responsibility to continuously equip ourselves with professional knowledge to nurture and educate children. I have had many AHA moments in my own learning journey. It is my hope that through MAPS Explore and Read, we can reach out to help teachers and parents make sense of all the confusion of methods and strategies that exist today.

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